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Make the most of your stay at the Hôtel du Golf to discover the wonders of the Hauts de France region. From the town of Lumbres, discover the cultural and natural riches of the Audomarois region with family, friends or during a seminar. Make the most of the Hôtel du Golf's leisure facilities, including its wellness area with sauna and whirlpool and its Club House.

Explore the medieval city of Saint Omer, which is home to an exceptional heritage just 20 minutes from our hotel. Visit the Notre-Dame de Saint-Omer cathedral, learn more about the motte castrale prison, admire the remains of the Saint-Bertin abbey and discover the secrets of the Italian-style theatre hidden in the Hôtel de Ville... Saint-Omer is a veritable treasure chest in the open air!

Around the town lies the famous Audomarois marsh, the last cultivated marsh in France. It produces a summer cauliflower, which can be enjoyed with a local beer.

Between the relics of the Second World War, the preserved marshland, the golf course in the Aa valley and even the planetarium, you will be able to discover a lot during your stay near Saint Omer.

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Take the time to stroll through the town of Saint-Omer, twenty minutes from our hotel, and discover the exceptional heritage of the town and its cobbled streets, witnesses of its medieval history.

Saint Omer is classified as a Town of Art and History for its many historical and religious monuments, the remains of its abbey and its cathedral, which houses a painting by the painter Rubens, "The Descent from the Cross".

The city also charms visitors with its magnificent French-style public gardens, the work of the architect Guinoiseau.

The canals of Saint-Omer
The outer dome of Helfaut near Saint-Omer

/ Dome
of Helfaut

Take a leap into history! Visit the Coupole d'Helfaut, a museum dedicated to the Second World War, and discover the hidden side of the conquest of space.

The Coupole is a huge bunker built by the Todt Organisation in 1943-1944, which was to be the launch base for the V2 rockets against London. It now offers two tours that take you on a discovery of the V2 rockets and man's first steps on the moon, or retrace the major periods of the Occupation. A 3D planetarium offers a total immersion in the Universe thanks to an astronomical simulator within the museum.

La Coupole is less than a 20-minute drive from the Hotel du Golf.

/ The marsh
of Saint-Omer

The town of Saint Omer is also known for its marshland. The marsh extends to the north of the town and is revealed by its small islands and large ponds which are home to exceptional wildlife.

The Audomarois marshes have been shaped by man since the Middle Ages and summer cauliflower is still grown here. The best way to explore the marsh is by boat! You can rent one on site. You can also discover the traditional boats of the marsh, the bacôves and escutes, by visiting the workshop of the last manufacturer.

Just a stone's throw from the city, the marsh offers a breath of fresh air away from the stress and bustle of the city.

Blockhouse of Eperlecques near Saint-Omer

/ Blockhouse
of Eperlecques

The Blockhaus at Eperlecques, about 30 minutes from the Hôtel du Golf, is also a major World War II site. This former German V1 and V2 missile base in the heart of the forest was built to destroy London.

Open to the public since 1973, the blockhouse offers a 1h30 visit to discover its history and the technologies of the secret weapons V2 & V1. It was the first blockhouse to be classified as a Historic Monument and is a place of memory that cannot be ignored.