/ The marsh
of Saint-Omer

To the north of Saint Omer, the last cultivated marshland in France, a Unesco World Heritage Site, extends over almost 3730 hectares. Take a deep breath of fresh air in this unique place, home to fascinating flora and fauna.

The marsh has been shaped by man since the Middle Ages and still produces a summer cauliflower, a speciality to be enjoyed with a local beer.

Explore the marsh on foot or by bike, or hire a boat and sail between its islands, along the canals and ponds.

Take advantage of your visit to visit the workshop of the last manufacturer of the traditional boats of the marsh, called bacôves and escutes.

/ La Coupole
of Helfaut

Combine past and present by visiting the Helfaut Cupola. Discover a former V2 launch base built by the Nazis. The bunker is now home to the World War II Museum, where you can learn more about this dark period in history.

La Coupole offers two tours to immerse you in the history of the Second World War, the Occupation and the conquest of space.

It also houses a 3D planetarium, for a total immersion in the universe thanks to an astronomical simulator.

The outer dome of Helfaut near Saint-Omer