The outer dome of Helfaut near Saint-Omer

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Visit the Cupola of HelfautA museum dedicated to the Second World War and the conquest of space.


Located 20 minutes from the Hôtel du Golf, La Coupole is a huge bunker built in 1943-1944 by the German army.


It is one of the most impressive remnants of the Second World War.


Made up of hundreds of metres of galleries, the dome covering the firing preparation room is made of reinforced concrete, 77 metres in diameter and 5.5 metres thick. This half-sphere weighs 55,000 tonnes.


Today, La Coupole is a centre for history and memory. It provides an understanding of the historical and scientific issues of the Second World War, from the Occupation to the hidden side of the conquest of space.

/ The city
of Saint Omer

Discover a medieval town 20 minutes from our hotel. With its cobbled streets, its medieval centre and its rich historical heritage, Saint Omer charms its visitors.

Visit the cathedral and the Jesuit chapel, the remains of the Saint-Bertin abbey or the Italian-style theatre hidden in the town hall.

Don't miss the magnificent French gardens and take the opportunity to explore the Audomarois marshes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Saint-Omer and its cathedral Notre-Dame